The truth is out there

CABRAMATTA LEAGUES CLUB (July 23): Debuted two new songs in the Two Blues’ inner sanctum (sans chicken wire). Cosmic coincidence: at the precise moment of these lines of our second-last song – ‘last drinks, we’re closing, lights on, time to grab your purse’ – a gaggle of women did precisely this, raising purses and readying to depart. Who says subliminal suggestion is bunk?

13528992_1148260285248915_4481024592534440489_nTRIMHARBOUR VIEW HOTEL (June 30): The Banjo-Mandolin – that strange and beguiling hybrid – had a rare outing, with MU in rare duo mode. Some folks call it a Mandolin-Banjo, but our brains work the other way around. If it’s got mandolin strings and fingerings then it’s a mandolin, dammit, no matter what it sounds like with that gen-u-ine calfskin drumhead. And the sound is very special, a bell that’s eaten its sustain, like Saturn chomping on his children.

BAR 34 BONDI (June 21): A full dance-floor for the whole set, audience participation and an encore. Host Matt Seaberg indulged our yen for plenty of vocal reverb, too. Drummer Alan worked the cajon instead of a full kit, just for tonight. Worked well!

HARBOUR VIEW HOTEL (June 9): A Rocks venue that really rocks! Big turn-out tonight. There was even a fez on the dance floor (well, on the head of a dancer to be pedantic). An added bonus is the big shelf of books behind the piano (though don’t expect library noise volume surrounds…)

IMG_7107aRUBY L’OTEL (May 24): As the Harbour View has its library, the Ruby is renowned for its yak, which looms above the musicians, forever threatening to utter a smart one-liner, Banana Splits-style. Alan made his drumming debut with Mysterious Universe tonight and was so impressive that quick-thinking headliner Bill Hunt amiably press-ganged him into extra drumming service for his set, too, and as Jack Gibson used to say, he done fine.




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