The Truth Is Out There #2

edithv2HARBOUR VIEW HOTEL, 28 July: A chilly winter evening down in the Rocks, but a warm welcome for our new bass player, Robbie, who made his Mysterious Universe debut, boldly striding into the deep-end with a bunch of songs he’d only met a few days before. And even we hadn’t heard some of them flying through a flanger before, so that was good too.

, 30 July: If we’re a mysterious universe then our tie-dyed MC Joe is without doubt a mystery man of the first degree – he seems to have landed in downtown Newtown straight from the Haight-Ashbury of half-a-century ago. There must be a Tardis stashed at the Be-In somewhere. But I digress. We contracted to just three, with Alan on djembe (the Be-In being a full drumkit-free zone) and had a fine old time opening the night. The acts here all do at least one bona-fide 60s cover, a request we happily covered with ‘Hey Gyp’ (Donovan/Animals), which we do at a lot of shows anyhow. The next band, Stillhouse Union, played some excellent bluegrass and it turns out their mightily accomplished banjo player is an ex-bandmate of Alan’s.



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