Our Zest of Honour


Journalist: How do you keep up that zest on stage?
Lennon: ‘We just do the zest we can’

The deepest impression this hugely enjoyable doco leaves is how much fun the Beatles had on their four-year whirlwind between Love Me Do in 1962 and their last live concert in ’66. Their own infectious enthusiasm adds mountains of magma to the Beatlemania volcano erupting all around them – incredible scenes which, without filmed proof, would surely risk dismissal as mythical by future generations. beatles

The Beatles didn’t stop touring because they got sick of live performance – they absolutely radiate enjoyment even at their last concerts – but because they got too big to do it properly anymore, bigger than existing sound systems could cope with, bigger even than existing belief systems could cope with. But before they were overwhelmed and frustrated and exhausted by the unique phenomenon that was them – which, ironically, sparked the retreat that spawned their best albums – they rode an exhilarating wave with style, wit and jubilation.


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