It’s almost Saturday night

We’ve had a lull, lapsing into mystery maybe, although the truths are more mundane than that; we just haven’t got it together lately what with life being life. But enough pre-amble! You don’t want to wade through that. This is the internet, not a place of reflection (except in the sense being the new global pool of Narcissus, but let’s not get into that). So back to skimming. I’m going to quickly say that Mysterious Universe is doing a bar in Glebe on Saturday night and y’all are most heartily invited to check it out. Also on the bill is (are? the plural/singular grammar of band names sorely vexes me; no, actually I don’t care) The Flipped Out Kicks, 60s garage in style and probably louder than us, though we get up a fair volume for a band playing lead mandolin…

MU POSTER 6.5.17


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