The Truth Is Always Out There

BMW MU 2aBMW Bar, Glebe (Sydney), 6 May: The wall looks rather Cavern Club-esque, ‘cept maybe for the eight miles high ceiling. The vibe was rather good last Saturday night with our old friends the 60s garage rockers Flipped Out Kicks (who loaned us an excellent home-made amp – thanks guys).

The night also featured a couple of new twists to the mystery of our modest little universe, both expected and unexpected. First we added guitar to the Mysterious Universe mix for the first time (that’s it lurking in the foreground in the second pic down there) and got a bit carried away, so one song (You’re Mine) hit the 9-minute mark. IMG_5280a

But lan’sakes, there was still time to kill, so out came the mandolin for a new song’s debut, too new even for the other guys to play along with it, so it decided to take off solo, more Yuri Gagarin than Apollo 11. One small step and all that.

Anyhow maybe we’ll see ya at Gasoline Pony (Marrickville Road, on July 12 with Luke Collings & Greasy Lake.

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