MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE: a Sydney-based band of musicians playing mostly original songs. Call us ‘The Mysterious Universe’ if you want, but we left the ‘the’ off in case there’s another one (a jest pinched from Jefferson Airplane, methinks).


Music is damned difficult to label with any dignity, let alone laser-like accuracy, but we suppose there’s an alt.country, indie, psychedelic vibe going on here. Kinda kosmic country… maybe that might tempt sympatico ears to venture our way.

MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE is, as we speak, David (Mandolin, Harmonicas, Vocals), Patrick (Guitar), Alan (Drums) and Robbie (Bass Guitar), but we live in an expanding (entropic, even) universe so who knows…

“So many questions, even though they’re just a curse

Won’t make no difference to the mysterious universe”